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We didn't learn much we needed to know during the VP debate, Walter Mondale says

Minnesota's Walter Mondale chatted with the New York Times during Tuesday's VP debate.

"Not much."

That was Walter Mondale's response to New York Times reporter Alexander Burns when he asked if we learned anything we really needed to know in Tuesday night's first and only vice presidential debate.

Mondale, a Minnesota native who's known for changing the role of the VP when he served under President Jimmy Carter, shared his thoughts about the debate with Burns via email.

The fiery face-off between Republican Gov. Mike Pence and Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine was more heated than expected, National Public Radio says, as the two candidates sparred on policy issues – and were forced to defend their running mate as they worked to convince undecided voters why they are the best candidate on the ballot. (NPR highlighted the five most-talked about moments from the debate. Watch those clips here.)

But one thing the candidates didn't discuss was the actual vice presidency, and what they planned to do during their time in office. That's something Mondale said was one of the most important topics to be discussed Tuesday night.

"We are not having the discussion that voters deserve," Mondale, who has come out in support of Democrat Hillary Clinton, told Burns about an hour into the 90-minute debate.

"I’m astonished that not one question was asked about how they saw the elements of the vice presidency," Mondale said following the debate.

Read Mondale's entire conversation with Burns here. To read a transcript of the debate, click here, or watch a replay of it below.

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