We like it here: Minnesotans among least likely to move

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Every winter many Minnesotans ask themselves why they live in the Land of 10,000 frozen Lakes, but a new poll shows that even though our winters – and springs – are less than ideal, they aren't planning to move anytime soon.

A Gallup survey that measured residents' interest in moving out of the state they live in, if given the opportunity, found that only 25 percent of Minnesotans would leave, which puts Minnesotans among the most content with their current location.

Gallup found that 50 percent of people in Illinois wanted to leave the state if possible. Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada and Rhode Island rounded out the top five.

In the same poll, Gallup asked residents how likely it would be that they would move in the next 12 months, and only 9 percent of Minnesotans said they were "extremely likely" to move.

It may seem surprising that after the colder-than-average winter and the soggy weather pattern we're currently in that Minnesotans wouldn't want to flee to warmer and drier climates. WCCO notes that the poll was conducted between June and December 2013, before winter had a chance to rear its ugly head.

Minnesota has ranked near the top of a lot of lists and polls as of late, among them: A Gallup poll earlier this month found Minnesotans say Minnesota is the best place to live.

An annual report found the state ranked fourth in the country when it comes to general well-being.

It was named the state with some of the nation’s best drivers. An advocacy group gave it a B for fertility help, the second-highest grade. And young college graduates seem to like Minneapolis; the city came in fifth overall among top cities for 20-somethings.

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