'We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools'

The world today looks back on iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. About 2,000 people gathered for an annual breakfast in his honor in Minneapolis, where Naomi Tutu, the daughter of revered civil rights activist Desmond Tutu, spoke about how far we have to go before we live in the promised land that King envisioned.

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Quotes from the late Martin Luther King Jr.
The full text: "I Have a Dream"

Naomi Tutu, the daughter of civil rights activist and bishop Desmond Tutu, spoke before 2,000 people at the annual MLK breakfast in Minneapolis. She said much remains to be done around the world before we live in the promised land that King envisioned. Minnesota Public Radio has more.

A writer in the Star Tribune echoes that sentiment with a look at the racial disparities still plaguing us right here in Minnesota.

Historian and King biographer Taylor Branch told an audience in St. Peter there's a persistent myth that the civil rights movement accomplished racial justice. Even so, Branch says, what the movement achieved without resorting to violence was remarkable.

In Duluth hundreds took part in a King Day march that was preceded by a demonstration by members of Occupy Duluth and Minnesotans for a Fair Economy.

And a local historian and contributor to MinnPost looks back on some of King's time in Minnesota.

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