'Weak' funnel cloud spotted in Dakota County

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A funnel cloud was spotted over Dakota County Monday afternoon, and similar funnel clouds could continue to pop up into the evening, but officials say they're harmless.

The National Weather Service called the funnel clouds that were reported near Farmington and Hastings "weak" and said funnel clouds like that don't normally touch the ground or do any damage.

These types of funnel clouds only last a few minutes before dissipating, so people who see them shouldn't be unduly alarmed, the weather service says. But officials urge people to remain on alert and be prepared to go to a safe place if a funnel cloud approaches the ground.

Officials didn't issue a tornado warning Monday after the funnel clouds were reported because there wasn't a threat of damage, FOX 9 reports.

“We’ve seen some of the photographs and definitely if you were looking at [the funnel cloud] you'd be concerned and think that something is going to be touching down quickly. But this type of pattern – these funnels are not about to touch down,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Krause told WCCO.

The funnel clouds that were spotted between 12:30 p.m. and 1:15 p.m. will continue to be possible Monday afternoon from any of the rain showers that are developing just east of the Interstate-35 corridor from the southeastern Twin Cities to Owatonna, the weather service said.

Here are some more photos of the reported funnel clouds:

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