Weather week: Enjoy autumn before it leaves


Back in the 1970's, a national hotel chain had the slogan "The best surprise is no surprise." It's a sentiment Minnesota weather-watchers may echo when checking out the October sky this week.

On MPR's Updraft blog, meteorologist Paul Huttner reviews the weather history almanac and concludes that "...this last week in October is famous for extreme weather swings in Minnesota." (Cue the memories of the infamous last-day-of-October Halloween Blizzard of 1991.)

But not to worry. Nothing that would give you those kinds of chills is lurking in our weekly weather picture. BringMeTheNews meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta says Monday will be mild, and if you've procrastinated about getting those leaves raked, today would be a perfect day to get crackin.' You should only need a light sweater when you're working in the yard.

While it will be in the 60s across much of the state, highs will be in the 80s to the south in St. Louis, Missouri, with highs in the 70s predicted in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

Later Monday, KSTP's Ken Barlow anticipates some showers are possible as a cold front nudges into the region, but only light scattered showers are expected. Rain chances are highest in the Twin Cities later in the afternoon and through the evening hours with earlier chances in western Minnesota.

It will feel more like fall come Tuesday, when you will need a jacket against the blustery weather, and maybe an umbrella, too. Rain showers are possible throughout the day as winds whip from the northwest at 15 to 20 mph. This weather pattern will move quickly from west to east, so the cool air doesn't have a chance to set-up shop over the region for long. Temperatures will bounce back to seasonal-levels for the rest of the week, with sunshine returning from Wednesday through Sunday. Highs for the week are expected to be mainly in the 50s, which is right on track for this time of year.

The one break in that pattern is expected on Friday, when another shot of cool air clips the state for Halloween. Highs will drop into the middle 40s, so make sure a couple of sweatshirts will fit under the Halloween costumes, and gloves may be a welcome addition. By sunset, temperatures are headed toward 40 degrees, and into the upper 30s after dark.

But no need to find a slicker; light winds will create crisp and dry conditions for trick-or-treaters, who ought to be able to see the moon as they go on the annual candy hunt.

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