Web Catch: Terminally ill dad raises $750,000 for daughter's cancer treatment


Tom Attwater, 32, was facing a cruel truth.

He had battled cancer for three years, and it was clear that he would not outlive it, the Daily Mirror reports.

His six-year-old step-daughter, Kelli, was facing her own fight with neuroblastoma, a diagnosis that arrived before her first birthday.

Knowing that he would miss many milestones in his daughter's life, Tom penned an honest and heartbreaking letter. "While your old dad is still around I thought I’d try to give you some life advice in one go," he reads in the above video. "I hope cancer never returns so that your life is long, fulfilled and happy."

Tom's final days were fueled by an uncompromising dedication to raising money for Kelli's treatment. He and his wife, Joely, launched The Kelli Smith Appeal with the goal of raising $750,000 for her cause.

They met their fundraising goal before Tom's death on Sept. 29, according to The Huffington Post.

His recorded remarks to Kelli end with a note of gratitude. "Thank you for paying me the biggest compliment of all time by calling me daddy," he reads. "Thank you for teaching me more about love and happiness than any other person."

"Enjoy your life. Don't rush through it. I'll be waiting."

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