Weekend homicide at Epic; now questions about club's past, future

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Epic, the nightclub where a 23-year-old man was fatally shot Saturday night, is facing scrutiny from police, according to KMSP.

Police have responded to 65 calls so far this year, many for violent assaults. Last year, there were 94 police calls. Karma, a club down the street was shut down by the city two years ago for being a public nuisance.

Karma was and Epic is owned by real estate mogul Ned Abdul and a former Brooklyn Center cop, John Barlow. The StarTribune reported on Karma's closure two years ago.

Both men have histories of alleged assault on women.

The StarTribune reports the performer, Yo Gotti, also has a history of violence. The rapper from Memphis, whose real name is Mario Mims, was charged with aggravated riot in 2010. A man was shot and killed at Mims’ Christmas party last year. A concertgoer was shot to death in Albuquerque, N.M., in June 2012. A woman shot and killed another woman outside a concert in Newport News, Va., in August.

The victim in Saturday's shooting was Tyrone Washington, 23. According to the KMSP story, Washington was known on the street at Ty Crank. He was a reputed gang member well-know to police. His family said he was turning his life around.

Nobody has been arrested.

"We have witnesses who are less than cooperative, and I'm concerned about street justice," Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau conceded.

Chief Harteau walked through the city’s downtown Sunday night.

“There are people in the city that want street justice,” she said.

Harteau also said she thinks the city should review performers before they are booked to play in downtown nightclubs.

“Events like Yo Gotti that attract violent behavior, that is what you are going to get,” she said.

Epic issued a statement Sunday saying it was cooperating with police and reviewing its security procedures.

At least one city council member has called for the club to be shut down.

KSTP posted a letter from the club's owners. It says, in part, that Epic has the toughest security in the warehouse district.

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