Dads whose 'Dear Future Baby' video stole hearts welcome their newborn son


The Minnesota couple whose "Dear Future Baby" parody video went viral have welcomed home their newborn son.

Joe Morales and Joey Famoso wrote a love song to their future adopted child set to the tune of Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" and it quickly went viral, gaining national attention.

And now the couple have announced the video was a success – their newborn son Jackson Rudy is at home in their arms.

They announced the joyful news on their Facebook page this week saying: "The type of unconditional love we already have for our son was immediate, is everlasting and a truly divine blessing." And with the post, was another song: 

The couple began the adoption process about a year ago, but decided to take the unique approach of making a video parody to capture the attention of potential birth mothers after their first adoption fell through last November. (Watch the video below.)

And the video worked – the birthmother had seen their video and Facebook page, with Morales telling Yahoo Parenting: "It’s surreal and just phenomenal that it all happened that way."

The couple went out of state to meet with Jackson's birthmother and her family when their son was born, and plan to keep in touch with the family so they can be part of the milestones in his life.

“He will know that he’s loved from us and from his birth family," Morales told Yahoo Parenting. "The decision that she made to give Jackson up in adoption is an act of love, that’s for sure, and he will definitely know that.”

Morales and Famoso say they are grateful for their son's birthmother for her selfless act, and also thankful for every person who supported them by sharing their "Dear Future Baby" video.

“When we first began walking down the path toward parenthood, we never could have anticipated all of the twists and turns we would and have encountered,” Morales, a Target employee, said, according to the company. “However, with each setback, we were propelled forward knowing in our hearts that we would eventually get our happy ending.”

Morales and Famoso are going to use their experience to help other families looking to adopt. On Facebook, they said they will be creating a foundation to financially and emotionally support families going through the adoption process.

They hope to get the Dear Future Baby Foundation up and running in the next few months.

For now, they're going to enjoy spending time with their new son, but keep your eyes on their Facebook page – Morales told Target they're planning a follow-up to "Dear Future Baby" and may make these videos an annual tradition – like their version of a holiday card.

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