Welcome, President Trump: Key points from his first speech as POTUS

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

The Republican, who at 70 becomes the oldest incoming president in American history, took the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., swearing on his family's Bible and the Lincoln Bible.

He then gave his first address as president to the thousands who lined the National Mall to watch him assume office from former President Barack Obama, whom Trump thanked on his way to the podium.

Here are some of the key points and quotes from his speech (you can watch the whole thing here):

His first words

"Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans and people of the world, thank you.

"We the citizens of America are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people."

Thanks Obama

Despite a somewhat fractious transition at times, with Obama and Trump taking the occasional snipe at each other, Trump was gracious to the former president and First Lady Michelle Obama, telling the crowd they have been "magnificent" during the transition.

Power to the People

His ascendancy to the presidency brings an end to a system where Washington, D.C. prospered at the expense of the rest of the country.

"Our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost," he said, adding: "Their victories have not been your victories, their triumphs have not been your triumphs."

"This all changes right here, right now."

"The forgotten men and woman of our country will be forgotten no longer."

Painting a dark picture of 'American carnage'

Much in the same way his speech at the Republican National Convention was last year, Trump's depiction of the current state of the U.S. was a dark one.

Rusted-out factories dot the landscape "like tombstones," he said, while we have an education that is "flush with cash" but leaves out "young and beautiful children deprived of knowledge."

Drugs and gangs have "robbed our country of so much potential," he continued, while the American middle classes have been "ravaged" at the expense of jobs and wealth that have been moved to foreign countries.

"This American carnage stops right here, it stops right now," he said.

America first

Having run with a candidate promising a more protectionist state, shifting away from globalization, Trump says he'll tackle the nation's problems by putting America first, with the country operating under two rules of "Buy American and hire American."

Efforts will be taken to ensure trade benefits American companies and American jobs, while borders will be tightened to stop threats from overseas.

"We have spent trillions and trillions overseas while America has fallen into disrepair. We have made other countries rich while the wealth, strength and confidence of our country has dissipated."

"From this day forward it's going to be only America first, America first."

"Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength," he continued. "I will fight for you with every breath in my body and I will never, ever let you down."

Infrastructure investment

After touching on the country falling into disrepair, Trump promised to create jobs for American workers rebuilding the nation's infrastructure.

"We will build new roads, new bridges, new airports and new railways all across our wonderful nation, rebuilding our country with American hands and American labor."

Example for everyone to follow

America won't impose its culture on other countries of the world, and Trump says he respects the right of every other country to look after their own interests, but instead wants America to be a shining beacon setting an example for other nations.

He did however, reiterate his promise that America would continue to fight against terrorism, vowing to eradicate "radical Islamic terrorism" – a phrase President Obama chose not to use during his term in office (you can ready why here).

We are all the same

After a divisive campaign in which he faced opposition particularly from members of America's minorities, Trump took a more conciliatory tone towards the end of his speech, saying patriotism doesn't recognize color.

"Whether black, brown or white, we all bleed the same blood of patriots and we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms."

You can read more about President Trump's top issues on the updated White House website here.

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