Well, Amazon just delivered its first ever package by drone

The contents of the delivered are rather, well, underwhelming.
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Amazon just made a game-changing delivery.

Although the contents of the package were underwhelming – a bag of popcorn and TV streaming device (we're betting an Amazon Firestick) – the delivery method is what made the package so significant: it was transported by a pilot-less drone.

The delivery was made in 13 minutes on Dec. 7 near Cambridge in England, the below video from Amazon explains.

Prime Air, as it's called, is currently available to people who live in close proximity (5.2 square miles) to its drone testing site near Cambridge, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company is showing off its new delivery method here because it was able to get approval more easily, the newspaper said.

This first delivery is just a test, and if two more tests are successful, the company plans on expanding to allow dozens of people to use the service and in the next couple of months, hundreds, according to the video.

The drones are pilot-free – guided by GPS – and fly below 400 feet with the ability to deliver anything "from the latest tech gadgets to their dogs favorite biscuits," Amazon says.

Drone delivery in the US

Back in June, the Federal Aviation Administration released a list of limitations on drone use. One particularly restricting rule is that a drone must be visible to the flyer the whole time it is in the air.

A month later, in contrast to the tone set by the FAA, the White House approved Google's parent company, Alphabet, to launch "Project Wing," a drone delivery service similar to Amazon's, according to the Guardian. 

Although its not clear exactly when it will be available in other countries, Amazon said its hopes to make it happen soon and that it already has development centers in the United States, Israel and Austria.

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