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Well, we're back to having warmer-than-usual weather

The first half of June has been one of the hottest ever recorded.

After 20 straight months of warmer-than-average weather, May was abnormally cool.

But it looks like we're going back the other way again.

The first 15 days of June have been some of the hottest on record, the National Weather Service Twin Cities says.

This was the second-warmest June 1-15 period ever for the Twin Cities, and 45 weather stations in the state tied or broke high temp records this month already. A further 46 stations have reported record-high low temperatures.

Mark Seeley goes even deeper on his U of M Weather Talk blog. The average temp for the Twin Cities metro area was 74.9 degrees (with 1976 having the only warmer June 1-15 period).

Statewide it was the third-warmest average temperature on record at 69 degrees. 1933 and 1988 were both hotter.

Minnesota is ‘warming rapidly’

Since 1970, above-average temperatures have been more likely to happen than below-average temperatures. That indicates the state is "warming rapidly," the DNR says. (The agency gauges the "normal" temperature based on data from 1981 to 2010 – so it isn’t being compared to temps from a century ago.)

This is what’s happening globally, too. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the combined average temperature for land and ocean surfaces in April of 2017 was 1.62 degrees above the 20th century average.

NASA says the current trend of warming temperatures is extremely likely to be the result of human activity in the past 100 years, putting its confidence in the claim at 95 percent. NASA points to more extreme weather events (like storms or tornados), rising sea levels, and shrinking ice sheets as some of the effects.

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