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Well-known radio announcer mugged on his way to work


A well-known radio voice was mugged on his way to work last week.

Fox 9 reports that WCCO radio host Steve Murphy was injured after a vicious early-morning mugging.

The report said Murphy was jogging to catch the bus on his way to work at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, when he noticed an older white SUV pass him about three blocks from his home.

"I had just jogged down 53rd Street and I could see the headlights behind me," Murphy said. "Noticed an older-model white SUV had stopped, the driver got out and headed towards me -- then, I knew I was about to be robbed or assaulted."

Even though Murphy changed his route, the SUV caught up to him right next to a fenced in play area at Hale Elementary School on the corner of East 53rd Street and 13th Avenue South.

Murphy's attackers were after his wallet, they quickly took it and moved on. Despite being bloody and bruised, Murphy was able to make it to the bus stop on Chicago Avenue.

From now on, Murphy is planning to drive to work instead of jogging to the bus stop, but he said what happened to him early Thursday morning could have happened to him anywhere.

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