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Well-known sports columnist Tom Powers deletes his Twitter after long political tirade

Tom Powers has since deleted his account.

A well-known sports columnist went on a Twitter tirade that included telling people to go screw themselves, a comparison of Hillary Clinton to serial killers, and the use of the phrase "liberal p-----s."

Tom Powers, who wrote about Minnesota sports occasionally for the Pioneer Press, used his now-deleted Twitter to go on a lengthy rant about politics Tuesday evening.

Fortunately, some people saved said tweets. Here's a small sample via Absolom James:

And in CityPages' story about Powers' Twitter rant, the text for many of the deleted tweets is saved. 

Muck Rack's embedded Twitter feed for Powers also lets you see everything, if you want to get the full read. (It's long, and comprises dozens of tweets.)

A lot of his Twitter outrage stems from his apparent view of Clinton as a terrible candidate – or "the devil," as he refers to her in one tweet. 

In another, he says Clinton is worse than Richard Speck (who beat and murdered eight young student nurses in Chicago) and John Wayne Gacy (the man who killed 33 boys and young men).

To people who tweeted at him, he'd reply sometimes with a variation of "Go f--k yourself," though other responses would be more amicable. He also targeted Democratic voters, specifically "liberal p-----s."

As mentioned above, Powers' Twitter is now deleted. On Wednesday afternoon (via Muck Rack's archive) he sent this:

In a previous tweet, he also said he told the Pioneer Press he was going to stop writing for them, adding he didn't want the paper to take the heat for him.

The Pioneer Press confirmed his exit via twotweets.

His reason for the tweet storm?

"Tonight stuff is coming from the fact that I'm tired of name calling, categorizing, finger pointing stereotyping," he tweeted at one point. "I want to move forward."

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