Well-wishers leave inspiration in snow for St. Cloud hospital patients

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During this long, cold winter a couple of do-gooders in St. Cloud are using the snow to spread some cheer to the patients and staff at a hospital.

WCCO looked into the phenomenon after Nicole Anderson told the station via Facebook that someone has been spelling out messages in the snow for weeks.

Nurse Mary Habinger tells WCCO she's seen a man and woman in snowshoes trudging through the snow along the Mississippi River spelling out the words. They don't look like much from ground level, but from St. Cloud Hospital's upstairs floors the word Love and a peace sign were clearly visible on the day the station visited.

Habinger says it's convenient that family lounges look down on the river, so even patients whose rooms face the other direction can get their regular dose of goodwill.

While the authors of the messages have been spotted, their identities remain anonymous, WCCO says.


It's hard to talk about inspiring messages at hospitals without bringing up the popular video put together by nurses at Amplatz Children's Hospital last fall.

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