If you went to Chipotle recently, check your card statement

Chipotle may have been hacked.

Chipotle may have been hacked.

The restaurant chain said Tuesday it recently discovered "unauthorized activity" on its payment system and it's investigating the incident with the help of cyber security firms, law enforcement, and its payment processor.

There's not much information out right now about what happened, but Chipotle says it's focusing on card transactions between March 24-April 18.

So if you went to Chipotle and used a card between those dates, keep an eye out for anything strange. If you notice a purchase you didn't make, call your bank or credit card company right away – most of the time you won't be held responsible for the charge, Chipotle says.

Chipotle says the unauthorized activity has stopped and they added additional security measures. It has also set up this website where it plans to post any updates about the potential data breach.

This incident comes at not the best time for Chipotle. Sales have finally started to rebound following an E. coli outbreak at many restaurants, Bloomberg says, with the company reporting Tuesday its earnings are up nearly 18 percent this quarter.

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