We're getting more flights from MSP to San Francisco

Tickets for the new, twice-a-day flights are on sale now.

You'll soon have more options when flying from the Twin Cities to San Francisco.

Alaska Airlines is adding two daily nonstop flights from MSP to SFO, it announced this week. Tickets are on sale now, but the flights don't actually start until mid-July. It looks like prices for that initial week are in the $197-$278 range for main cabin tickets.

If you're going from here to there, flights leave MSP at 6:15 a.m. at 3:20 p.m. Coming back from San Francisco, your options are 11:45 a.m. and 6:45 p.m.

John Kirby of Alaska Airlines in the announcement called it one of the most requested connections with San Francisco (the other two being Orange County and Orlando – they're also getting new, daily flights).

Delta, Sun Country and United can also get you from MSP to SFO.

But they're splitting up with Delta

The Alaska Airlines announcement, not coincidentally, came on the same day as a divorce with Delta became official.

Delta and Alaska had a business agreement for awhile, and it included the ability to earn and redeem miles from one airline on the other.

But Virgin recently bought Alaska Airlines – and so that agreement will stop next year. That split is official on May 1, 2017, Delta announced.

Why is this important?

Delta is based in Atlanta, but is a huge player at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. MSP is considered one of the airline’s hubs, and it’s one of the biggest airlines there. So a lot of people who fly from MSP end up on Delta.

Delta also has 80,000 employees worldwide – about 8,500 of them in Minnesota, the state’s economics department says, making them one of the largest employers here.

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