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Were you invited to Tinder Select? It's a secret version just for hot and rich people

Is this high school all over again?

So apparently there's a secret version of Tinder out there. If you're like the rest of us normal folk, you probably didn't get invited.

It's called Tinder Select, according to TechCrunch. Apparently it's an invite-only version of the dating app that's just for the social elite: CEOs, super models, just flat out super attractive people, etc. Basically, it weeds out the normals so they can find other people that are on their level.

So if you were invited – congrats! You're a cool kid on Tinder. (Is this high school all over again?)

While Tinder hasn't come out and explained this feature, some confused users have posted about it.

Like five months ago, one Reddit user posted that a blue "S" appeared on their app. People have only recently started commenting about the elite version and asking how to get in.

According to Business Insider, there are two entrances into this club:

  1. Tinder has to invite you.
  2. Someone Tinder invited has to nominate you.

We don't know the exact requirements Tinder uses to determine whether you're Select-worthy, but Insider thinks it might have to do with your "Elo score." That's a secret rating the app keeps track of based on how many people swipe right on you. You can read all about that here.

Once you're in, you'll know you're in. Apparently the whole layout upgrades and looks a lot cooler.

And if the rich, famous, and beautiful feel like climbing down the ladder and joining the rest of us on normal Tinder, they still can. TechCrunch says there's a toggle feature – the best of both worlds.

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