West African school to be named for 10-year-old victim of St. Paul landslide


The family of Mohamed Fofana says the 10-year-old wanted to help his poverty-stricken ancestral homeland of Guinea before a tragic St. Paul landslide claimed his life in 2013.

Now, in a way, he will.

Last week, the boy's family was in the West African country starting construction on a school that will bear Mohamed's name and serve about 350 students, according to an Associated Press report.

His mother, Madosu Fofana, told the news service that Mohamed was "struck by the poverty" he saw during a family trip to the Republic of Guinea and expressed a desire to help.

He was one of two boys killed in the landslide, which occurred during a school field trip to St. Paul's Lilydale Regional Park. The other victim was 9-year-old Haysem Sani.

They and other children were trapped under several feet of rock and soil after a nearby bluff gave way. Others suffered injuries in the incident.

Last March, St. Paul awarded the families of the two deceased boys $400,000 each in a settlement, while the family of another boy who suffered serious injuries received $200,000.

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