Wet spring means bites and stings as MDH warns of mosquito surge


Mosquitoes, in case you haven't noticed, are popping up all around Minnesota, and chances are all the rain with make for a heavy skeeter season.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the Minnesota Department of Health is tracking not just mosquitoes, but ticks as well. In fact, one health official tells MPR that the ticks are the real worry.

Experts are particularly worried now about ticks that can transmit several diseases, epidemiologist Dave Neitzel tells the station. Especially since they're small, skittish and hard to see. (He didn't mention creepy and crawly.)

"So we urge folks to use a good repellent to keep the ticks off in the first place -- either repellents containing DEET or, even more effective, repellents containing permethrin. If you apply that to your clothing, you can keep the ticks off of you for several weeks," Neitzel says. "Early summer, think ticks, late summer, think mosquitoes as far disease risk."

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