What a nice message about mean commenters from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

Hey everyone: We can do better online.

Maybe this should be required reading for people before they get to be on the internet.

Check out this Facebook post by the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center – calling on adults to (crazy idea here!) act like adults, even online.

Here's the post:

The center likes it when people are nice to each other (as should everyone). It was also partly behind #11forJacob, an effort to get people to show kindness and compassion in the spirit of Jacob Wetterling.

The post has gotten a handful of responses, praising the message.

And we all know why they posted it – online comment sections can be an awful, ugly place, and the handful of thoughtful, respectful, measured responses become buried under all that grossness.

Pew a couple years ago found more than half of internet users had seen someone online being called offensive names, or efforts to purposefully embarrass someone. One in four said they saw physical threats, and one in five acknowledged they'd seen sexual harassment.

Even VICE, not known for holding back, decided this week to get rid of comments on its stories (though now that story has been deleted ... so maybe they're bringing back comments. Update: Nevermind, the story is back up).

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