What a sheriff's office hopes people learn from this deputy's gruesome deer crash

And authorities are hoping drivers in Minnesota can learn something from it.

The Isanti County Sheriff's Office has released dashcam video from the patrol cruiser that collided with a deer over the weekend, severely damaging the vehicle and killing the animal. 

You can view it right here. Be warned, it's fairly violent and graphic. 

The original story from Tuesday, Oct. 25 is below:

It's a dangerous time on Minnesota roads, because we're right in the middle of deer-crash season – and not even law enforcement officers are immune.

Case in point, a gruesome accident in Isanti County where a local sheriff's deputy slammed into a deer while responding to a call over the weekend. 

Hoping it might be a teachable moment for the state's drivers as they head deeper into deer season, the sheriff's office on Tuesday posted photos of the wreck on Facebook

According to the post, the deputy was on his way to a "man with a gun call" in the town of Cambridge Saturday night when "out of the ditch popped this deer."

While it didn't end well for the animal (as you can clearly see), the deputy escaped unharmed, and his department credits his quick thinking.

"The deputy did a great job of just getting on the brakes and keeping it in his lane," the post says. The accident, the department added, "shows how important it is to NOT swerve when an animal strike is going to occur."

Indeed, the deputy's actions line up perfectly with what experts say drivers should do when faced with a surprise deer encounter – specifically, hit the brakes, and don't swerve.

Unfortunately, another Minnesota deer crash that happened over the weekend didn't end quite so well. 

In that case, a deer standing in the middle of Highway 169 near Mankato started a chain reaction when a semi driver swerved to avoid it, causing a dramatic six-car accident. Luckily, no people were killed. 

Be careful out there

Though "Minnesota’s large deer population makes them a safety hazard on the road all year," collisions with the animal are at a peak in the autumn months – so right now, state safety officials say

According to the state's most recent data, in 2015, Minnesota had ​2,141 deer-related crashes – including six fatalities.

All of those involved motorcycles, and in fact, safety officials say motorcyclists account for most of the fatalities in deer-vehicle crashes. 

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