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What are kids thankful for? Even the cat's litter box makes the list


Kids are thankful for the darndest things.

The Pioneer Press asked first-graders at several Twin Cities area schools what they're feeling grateful for this Thanksgiving. And sure enough the answers include the sweet, the surprising, and the whimsical.

Some of the highlights include a poetic ode to the seasons: "I am thankful for the seasons that come and go. They make the world covered in leaves or piled with snow."

A touching appreciation of a sibling: "I am thankful for a sister. I am very glad to have a sister. She has always been there for me. I love her."

A less touching appreciation of escaping from a sibling: "I am thankful for my room because my sister drives me nuts!"

Parents were mentioned, sometimes in unexpected ways: "I am thankful for my parents because they buy me stuff that I do not need."

Of course, kids love their pets: "I am thankful for the world and that my dog lives in it."

And some love sports: "I am thankful for football on TV. I like football because I love football so much!"

For some, their affection takes a practical bent - finding gratitude even in household chores: "I am thankful for cleaning the cat litter. I like cleaning the litter box because I want to help the cats stay clean because I want to help them stay alive."

Finally, for the sheer Awww factor, there is the response of Addison Bowser: "I'm thankful for my arms so I can hug people who need extra love."

If you're wondering how to occupy your kids during a four day hiatus from school, WCCO has some suggestions.

The high school senior class from Badger, Minnesota, already has its week planned. As WDAY reports, they're headed to Washington, D.C., where a Minnesota-grown turkey will be pardoned by President Obama.

The bird was raised by farmer John Burkel, who currently chairs the National Turkey Federation. The Star Tribune reported last week that Burkel and his family have spent months selecting just the right bird for 15 minutes of fame.

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