What are Minnesotans searching for this Valentine's Day?


How do you find the perfect present for your sweetheart? Google it, apparently.

Estately did some digging and found out what Valentine's Day gifts people were Googling across the United States.

According to the blog's findings, Minnesotans are looking for a lot of silk boxers.


Meanwhile Minnesota's neighbors to the east are being a bit more seasonal and searching for fur coats. And people in North Dakota are sticking to the classics and looking up flower bouquets.

In Iowa, a bunch of people are trying to find tandem bicycles. Couples in Kentucky are looking to get inked. And West Virginians just want to keep it cheap.

On average, people will spend $146.84 on Valentine's Day gifts this year, the National Retail Federation says. Last year the average was $142.31. According to the study, people will spend a total of $19.7 billion.

Of that, $4.4 billion will be spent on jewelry, $1.7 billion will be spent on candy and $1.1 billion will be spent on greeting cards.

Taking a look at Google Trends, flowers are more popular than candy this year. And people are more apt to use the search engine to find gift ideas for boyfriends than for girlfriends.

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