What are the most popular costumes in MN this Halloween?

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Planning your Halloween costume and want to make sure nobody is wearing the same as you?

Well now there's a website for that called "Frightgeist," which uses trends data from Google to highlight which costumes are the most-searched for in different parts of the United States – giving a good indication of what the most popular get-ups are likely to be.

The website has analyzed the trends to present a top five costume searches in various cities across the country. You can try the map out yourself here.

In Minnesota, Frightgeist has top five lists for the Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester and Mankato.

In the Twin Cities, the top search term has been "superhero," followed by "Star Wars," "Minions," "pirate," and "renaissance."

"Minions" is tops in Duluth, with those in Rochester intent on going to their parties dressed in "steampunk" gear, while those in Mankato have been searching for "Batgirl."

With "The Force Awakens" being released in December, Star Wars is a popular theme, with "Yoda" and "R2-D2" featuring in the results for Duluth and Mankato respectively, as well as "Princess Leia" being the top search term in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Another website making predictions for the most popular Halloween costume this year is product review website Influenster, which has tallied the preferences of 40,000 of its users to come up with top selections for each state.

Minnesota's No. 1 costume choice, according to Influentster? Mermaids ... presumably freshwater mermaids.

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