What caused the I-694 water main break and sinkhole? Maybe a leaky pipe

Officials might have figured out the cause of the I-694 water main break and sinkhole.
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The huge sinkhole that's shutting down I-694 for days makes a little more sense now.

The City of Oakdale shared the above photo on Facebook, showing the broken water main from the scene. And they might have a reason for why it happened.

According to the city's Utility Superintendent Shawn Nelson, the pipe might have been leaking "slightly prior" to the full burst.

What caused the leak? Could have been road work, could have been ground movement, could have been something else entirely, the city says. Nelson doesn't think the pipe had issues just because it's old – the joints and casing appear fine, he says.

And the fix is in progress. Here's a big update from Tuesday:

The I-694 freeway has been closed from Hwy. 36 to I-94 since Monday, with road crews working to fill the hole and make the road safe again.

It's probably going to be closed for at least a few more days, likely into next week.

The city expected the 10 homes still without water to be up and running by the end of Tuesday, and officials aren't asking residents to conserve water anymore.

You can read more about what happened and the detour route in our previous story.

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