What do you get with the new iOS 11.3 update for iPhone?

Animojis and direct chats with businesses are among the new features.
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What's happening?

Apple has released its latest update, iOS 11.3, on Thursday that will be available to iPhone, iPad and iPod owners.

What do I get with it?

Animojis for iPhone X

There are a number of features, including some new "Animojis" that are exclusively for iPhone X users – including a dragon and and a lion.

Augmented Reality improvements

But available to all iPhone and iPad users are improvements to its ARKit – its augmented reality feature – that through iOS 11.3 will now deliver AR experiences "that use vertical surfaces like walls and doors."

Previously the ARKit could only recognize horizontal surfaces, and Cnet thinks adding vertical capabilities will be a huge win for Apple.

"With IKEA's ARKit app, for instance, you could see how a new sofa might look like on the floor of your living room, but you couldn't mount a virtual cabinet to your real walls," it says.


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Data collection icons

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.58.10 PM

Amid wider concern about data privacy, Apple is introducing a new icon that will appear "when an Apple feature asks to use your personal information."

This will appear when your personal details are being collected via services like iTunes and the App store, and you can click it to find out what data it is requesting.

Direct contact with businesses

One of the new features in the iPhone and iPad Messages app is "Business Chat," which will allow users to send messages to businesses they search for through Maps, Safari, Search or Siri.

The idea is to "ask a question about a product or service, or make a purchase using Apple Pay." These conversations can also be continued on the Apple Watch or Macs.

What about the battery?

Remember a few months back how Apple was throttling (slowing down) older iPhones to preserve the batteries and prevent shutdowns?

It got into hot water because it did this without telling anyone, which prompted a fair few users to upgrade their phones in that time.

Now the iOS 11.3 update adds new features to show the battery health of an iPhone and if its battery needs to be serviced. This can be found in Settings -> Battery and it's available for iPhone 6 and later.

It will also tell you if the throttling feature (it calls it "power management") is slowing down your phone and can choose to turn it off. It's also available for iPhone 6 and later.

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