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What happened at Ben Shapiro's University of Minnesota speech?

The controversial conservative speaker spoke in St. Paul on Monday.

What's happening?

Conservative speaker Ben Shapiro spoke before students at the University of Minnesota on Monday night.

His sold-out appearance stoked some controversy before his arrival, with organizers of the Young America's Foundation (YAF) accusing the U of M of relegating his speech to a "cow campus" venue in St. Paul.

It even threatened to a lawsuit against the U of M over the choice of venue.

Shapiro is a former Breitbart writer turned editor and founder of the right-wing site The Daily Wire. He's a prominent conservative speaker and author of multiple books.

What did Shapiro say?

Among the areas he touched upon was discussing the virtues of capitalism versus the evils of socialism, attempting to debunk transgenderism and a suggestion that America's poverty issues are small relative to the rest of the world.

You can watch his full speech here.

The event was protested outside

Shapiro's appearance led to dozens of students picketing the event in opposition, though it was a modest demonstration with students outnumbered by police.

There were few problems like those seen when controversial conservative speakers have appeared notably at the University of Berkeley in California.

The Pioneer Press reports there was little conflict "beyond chanting and the occasional heated chat."

Around 80 people were in attendance, where they were monitored by 100 members of law enforcement.

FOX 9 reports students claimed Shapiro had previously made racist and homophobic remarks and his views aren't representative of their diverse student body.

Protesters were called 'snowflakes'

Yes, the protest outside prompted a rather inevitable reaction from officers of the national YAF.

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