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What if you were the mayor and you felt 'all peopled out?'

The mayor of Superior, Wisconsin, says he's lost his passion for the job

For Bruce Hagen the thrill is gone – and it ended before his fifth term did.

So Hagen announced Thursday he will end his time as mayor of Superior, Wisconsin, two years early.

According to KBJR, Hagen said at his City Hall announcement: "My passion is gone, I'm peopled out, and I'm approaching 50 years in high level, stressful positions. That is affecting my health."

Hagen, who is 70, was not specific about how his health is suffering, Wisconsin Public Radio says.

He's in his second stint as Superior's mayor, KBJR says, having first been elected in 1975 then holding a state government job in Madison before returning. Hagen's resignation takes effect at the end of April.

Remarks about President Obama

Hagen gained some notoriety around the country last December when he commented on Facebook that President Obama is a Muslim who has "destroyed the fabric of democracy."

Hagen later apologized but also issued a statement defending his right to speak freely. (Obama says he and his family are practicing Christians.)

Hagen said Thursday the controversy over his comments had nothing to do with his decision to step down early, Wisconsin Public Radio reports.

What's next for the city?

It will be up to the Superior City Council to decide whether to name an interim mayor or hold a special election to fill the remainder of Hagen's term.

The city clerk tells WDIO no special election can be scheduled until Hagen actually vacates the office, which means the voting would not occur until late July at the earliest.

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