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What is Green Monday? Just the latest in the relentless string of holiday sales

Yep. And there will actually be some decent deals on the big shopping day.

This is getting ridiculous.

Black Friday not only starts Thanksgiving now, but Amazon is determined to turn it into a monthlong sales extravaganza.

And Cyber Monday? Deals began for Amazon's Alexa believers Sunday night. Target turned it into a full on Cyber Week

The never-ending stream of deals we're supposed to get excited about and spend money on is utterly relentless.

Yet there's more.

Apparently there's another sales event, called Green Monday, right around the corner.

Retailers are prepping and promoting their Green Monday deals for Dec. 11.

Target's online offer? For every $100 you spend on Target.com, you'll get $20 off. There will also be toy deals all throughout that week.

Walmart is casually reminding shoppers Green Monday is "coming soon!" Deals will be on this page

And according to TheBlackFriday.com, there will be special deals from Macy's, Home Depot, eBay, World Market, Otter Box and an assortment of others on Dec. 11 too.

Hope you didn't spend your entire bank account on Black Friday Cyber Monday month!

So where the hell did Green Monday come from? Actually, it's eBay.

According to LifeWire, it was used in 2007 by eBay to describe what had been it's biggest shopping day of the year, with people trying to scoop up some last-minute gifts.

Since then the term has been adopted by other companies for the second Monday in December. Quartz says the day's timing – about two weeks before Christmas – means retailers want to encourage gift-buying. So they'll start discounting products heavily to entice shoppers.

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