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What the election might look like if only women (or only men) voted

What would happen if only men voted? What if only women voted?

Here's an interesting "What if?" from FiveThirtyEight: How would the presidential race look of ONLY men voted? And how would it look if ONLY women voted?

Nate Silver, the site's founder, tackled that question in a story Wednesday morning.

He took national polls from October and averaged the gender split, finding Hillary Clinton was up 15 percentage points among women, while Donald Trump was up 5 percentage points among men. He goes into more detail here in the story, so make sure you read it.

But broadly speaking, based on polling numbers and some quick estimates, Clinton would crush Trump if women were the only voters, and Trump would pretty handily beat Clinton if men were the only voters.

Minnesota – which has gone Democrat in the presidential race every election since 1976 – is forecast by FiveThirtyEight to be a win for Clinton in 2016. But like many states, it would probably flip Republican if only men voted.

"Trump would win everything that could plausibly be called a swing state, with Clinton hanging on only to the West Coast, parts of the Northeast, Illinois and New Mexico," Silver wrote about that scenario.

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