What the heck is Oath? It's what AOL and Yahoo are called now, apparently

First Altaba, now Oath. Yahoo is basically gone.

The big piece of Yahoo that Verizon bought will be combined with AOL – and the newly created company will be known as Oath.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong tweeted the new name Monday shortly after Business Insider reported it.

Verizon in the $4.8 billion deal got Yahoo's "search, mail, content, and ad-tech businesses," Business Insider said. Verizon also owns AOL, and going forward together, Yahoo and AOL will be Oath.

And that means Yahoo, at least in the U.S., might just be nonexistent soon.

What was left of Yahoo – a piece of Chinese company Alibaba, plus Yahoo Japan and some other projects – is also being rebranded. That will now be known as Altaba.

And just like with Altaba, people are making fun of of Oath.

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