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Wow, what whiskers! Wisconsonite wants beard championship


People become famous for the strangest reasons. Case in point: Walter Cnare, 40, of Lake Mills, Wis.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports Cnare, a city forester, could give Santa a run for his bristles with his foot-long, 2-year-old orange beard.

Now he is soliciting votes on Facebook in a contest to win a trip to the National Beard and Moustache Championships next month in New Orleans. He hopes to compete in the “Full Natural Beard” category. Beards are judged on length, color and "presence."

"That includes your outfit and, well, pageantry,” Cnare told the paper. “There’s a lot of peacocking going on. It’s kind of like a dog show for men.”

Cnare won the five-state Border Beards competition in Minnesota. The paper reports that female beard groupies, known as whiskerinos, prefer the long natural beards like the one that Cnare sports. Beard events often include a special “petting show,” where people stroke beards for a charitable donation. (Eeeww!)

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