What will Fargo's first city flag look like? Citizens deciding in online poll

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Besides North Dakota's state flag and Old Glory, what will fly over Fargo when the city finally gets its own banner?

The people are having their say in an online vote taking place now.

It's a showdown between a colorful collection of 78 flags, which were all designed and submitted by citizens to the Arts Partnership and represent in some way the city and its "unique culture."

As Valley News Live points out, Fargo is currently flagless, and locals are supportive of changing that as long as it doesn't cost the city too much money.

As of now, there is a strong frontrunner in the online vote – a simple two-tone horizontal design accented by vertical bars at the left and three white stars in the upper right hand corner:

According to the Forum, the contest started with a proposal from Fargo native Jackson Ridl, currently a college student at the University of Minnesota.

The 19-year-old told the paper he had been inspired by a TED talk on the importance of a good city flag, adding that "this is something that Fargo really deserves."

The voting ends on Sept. 23 at 5 p.m.; the 15 flags with the most votes will be reviewed and whittled down to one finalist that will ultimately be presented to the Fargo City Commission for "possible adoption."

The deadline to submit flag designs was Aug. 28.

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