What you do when you work with animals – and a hurricane is coming

Staff at a Florida animal park worked overtime to make sure everyone is safe.

Hurricane Matthew is on the eastern coast of Florida, threatening to move up along Atlanta and South Carolina – and with 1.5 million people within just Florida evacuation zones, there is a serious risk to human life.

Raging winds have been recorded, and significant flooding is a threat.

And if you work with animals, they have to be accounted for too.

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is located between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach, right where Hurricane Matthew was sitting Friday morning.

In the days leading up to it, staff began working on hurricane prep for all the animals – and shared photos of the final arrangement on Facebook Thursday.

There's a lemur, a whole bunch of birds, alligators, lizards, and dozens of other critters arranged and separated in tight spaces for their safety during the storm. That includes the photo above with a Marabou Stork hanging out in a bathroom.

Definitely click through the gallery. The park provides descriptions of many of the photos.

And give a big round of applause to the staff who helped get this all done.

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