What you should know about Costco's new food delivery options

You can get two-day or same-day shipping, but they offer different products.
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Costco is the latest store chain to jump into the fast-delivery game.

Members can now get two-day delivery on items marked CostcoGorcery – it's mainly packaged, non-perishable food and drink, plus household goods.

And if you really need food fast, there's also a same-day delivery option (run through Instacart) that's based on your ZIP code. It covers about 2,000 products, including fresh foods, and can be there in as little as two hours.

How much it costs

You've gotta be a Costco member to take advantage of the new delivery options, so start with the $60 annual minimum for that.

Then there are delivery fees.

On two-day delivery, the shipping cost can vary – I threw a 3-pound bag of pistachios, a box of 72 fruit snack packs, and some laundry detergent into my cart, and was facing a $9 delivery fee.

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You can avoid the extra shipping cost if you hit an order minimum – but that threshold is $75.

(For comparison, Target's next-day delivery with Restock is a flat $4.99 fee, while Amazon Prime Pantry is a $5.99 fee.)

Costco's same-day delivery also includes an unspecified shipping cost, but delivery is free if you spend at least $35, a far lower target than the two-day shipping.

The same-day delivery is only available near 376 Costco locations right now, Fortune reports, though CFO Richard Galanti said there are plans to expand the reach.

Everybody wants to deliver

Costco is just the latest retailer to respond to people's demand for exactly what they want, when they want it.

Amazon pioneered the entire concept with its Prime same-day delivery services.

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Target has been slowly ramping up its options with Instacart grocery delivery, the above-mentioned Restock, and most recently it's huge move to get in on the same-day delivery game.

Even Best Buy is testing out fast delivery, and Walmart wants to bring your groceries directly to your fridge – and we mean that literally.

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