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What's behind the U of M tech chief's sudden resignation? Triathlon training


When the University of Minnesota's chief information officer resigned effective immediately last week, it raised some eyebrows.

The sudden departure of Scott Studham – whose position also made him a vice-president at the U – was the second resignation of a high-level executive in a month.

A U of M spokesman insisted Studham's resignation was unrelated to Norwood Teague's departure amid a sexual harassment scandal. But a university statement offered no explanation, simply thanking Studham for his service and wishing him the best.

Well, it turns out Studham's resignation did have something to do with athletics.

He told a Wall Street Journal blog on Tuesday he'll be training 20 to 30 hours a week for an Ironman triathlon that's coming up in Louisville, Kentucky, next month.

Studham told the "CIO Journal" years behind a computer screen had left him "overweight and in really bad shape."

He's changing that, though. Tuesday's 30 mile bike ride, he told the Journal, came after Monday's 110 mile ride on top of a three mile run and a two mile swim.

His newfound fitness is not the only change for Studham. He and his wife are planning an education technology startup once his triathlon is over.

In a statement to KSTP, he said it will focus on the home-school K-12 community and on low-cost personalized learning through technology.

The Studham family's web page touts "homeschooling today's learners with tomorrow's technology."

Bernard Gulachek, who has served the U of M in various technology roles since 1986, is the U of M's interim Vice President and CIO.

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