What's in a name? National Eagle Center's newest bird needs one


Minnesota's National Eagle Center has a new ambassador, but he's in need of a name.

The bald eagle, who was born earlier this year, arrived in Wabasha this month after being found in Port Orchard, Washington, over the summer, the National Eagle Center says on its website.

The bird was having trouble finding food because of a malformation in his eye sockets. Because his eyes will require ongoing care, the bird won't be able to live in the wild.

That's why he's joining the National Eagle Center's four other eagles – Angel, Columbia, Donald and Was’aka – as an ambassador for its various programs. The new eagle will be replacing Harriet, a 34-year-old bald eagle who recently retired from the ambassador program.

But the bird still needs a name – so the National Eagle Center is asking people for suggestions.

The center asks proposals have educational value or significance relating to the eagle's story, and be consistent with the traits bald eagles represent.

If you have an idea for the bird's name, comment at the bottom of this page. Dozens of people have already shared suggestions, which range from "Washington" and "Honor," to "Kit" (short for Kitsap Peninsula, where the bird was found).

For the next few months, the bird will work with trainers until he's comfortable enough to be part of the National Eagle Center's public programming events, the center says.

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