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What’s next for Tim Pawlenty?

After being passed over twice as a vice presidential pick, where does Tim Pawlenty go from here? Time magazine explores his options. If Mitt Romney wins, perhaps a cabinet post? Or a run against Sen. Al Franken in 2014? And there's always the private sector. The former Minnesota governor sits on seven corporate boards.

Mitt Romney called Tim Pawlenty on Aug. 6 to tell the former Minnesota governor that he had not chosen him as his running mate. So what's next? Time magazine takes a look at some possibilities, which include a cabinet position in a Romney administration. Or, as MPR reported, a possible race in 2014 for Sen. Al Franken's seat?

Pawlenty has been gracious after being passed over a second time as a vice presidential pick. He has called Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., a terrific pick.

Meanwhile, Pawlenty continues to stump for the GOP ticket. Pawlenty raised a few eyebrows last week when he asked CNN host Soledad O'Brien if she knew what a government report meant in English:

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Those close to Pawlenty can't help but ask: What if?

A former adviser to the man from Minnesota says he's always hearing from fans who wonder what would have happened if Pawlenty had stuck it out. Doug Grow at MinnPost writes, "The GOP race has unfolded in a way that would have been almost ideal for a Pawlenty candidacy."

Mitt Romney bails out Tim Pawlenty

An FEC filing released Tuesday says Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, as well as his family, staff and supporters sent checks to Pawlenty to help him settle $66,000 of debt left over from his failed presidential bid.

Tim Pawlenty says he's not sending mixed messages about VP prospects

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has said he's not interested in being Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate, yet at the same time he said he "would be honored to serve if asked." After delivering an address at the North Carolina Republican Convention, Pawlenty tried to explain his feelings on the matter.

Pawlenty on 7 corporate boards, raising new VP questions

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been doing a lot more than stumping for Mitt Romney and being a oft-mentioned vice presidential candidate lately. He has joined the boards of seven corporations in the past year, opening a new, private-sector chapter in his life that could leave vice presidential vetters with lots of new questions, the Star Tribune reports. Pawlenty will be on two Sunday morning political talk shows.

Tim Pawlenty pays off remaining presidential campaign debt

The former Minnesota governor owed nearly $500,000 last fall after he dropped out of the race for the GOP nomination in August. Pawlenty has also filed papers to officially terminate his campaign committee. He supports Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in November.

Dems unleash research on Pawlenty

A Democratic super PAC has unleashed reams of information on top prospects to be Mitt Romney's running mate, including a 493-page file on former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Romney has said he'll pick someone before the late August GOP convention.