What's that bright, yellow orb in the sky? Thank the cold for the sunny day

It's been 12 days since we've seen the sun.

It's been about 12 days – just a shade under two weeks – since we've had a sunny day.

But get out and enjoy it, because it'll be the sunniest day of the week.

Every day since Dec. 5 we've seen fog or mist.

It's not uncommon to get stuck in a gloomy pattern during the winter, but it's more common in November, which is typically the cloudiest month of the year – especially if temps are on the warm side. That's because when the air is warmer, the moisture from the snow can lead to clouds and fog (like we saw last week) – it's hard to get a day that's both warm and sunny during the winter in Minnesota.

Take the good with the bad. Think of last winter – it was bitter cold, but super sunny.

Wednesday is forecast to be the coldest of the next several days, but also the sunniest. Temperatures start to warm as we head into the weekend, however the clouds start to return – see the pattern?

The National Weather Service says Wednesday will likely be the sunniest of the next seven days.

The good news is as winter progresses it tends to get sunnier, Paul Huttner wrote on MPR News' Updraft blog.

Historically, December is the second-cloudiest month of the year (behind November), with 42 percent of all daylight hours sunny in the Twin Cities, Huttner says. January historically has 53 percent, and by February that goes up to 59 percent.

So although Mr. Golden Sun will be leaving as quickly as it came this week, there's hope for the rest of the winter.

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