What's that we hear? Some of MSP Airport's loudest planes are retiring

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If you live near the airport's flight path, chances are you've heard the roar of planes soaring over your house.

Last summer, there were 12,000 noise complaints around the airport in just one month, KARE 11 reported.

Because Delta happens to dominate MSP airport, their planes are responsible for a lot of the noise.

But on Tuesday, Delta announced that they are replacing some of their old, noisy aircraft with quieter, more fuel efficient models.

They will be phasing out old models, like MD80s – once some of the quietest aircraft in the '80s. Delta says they are now some of the loudest planes used regularly at MSP.

So what's so special about the new aircraft?

82 Airbus A321 and 75 Bombardier CS100 aircraft will be joining Delta's fleet.


Delivery of the Airbus A321 aircraft began in March, Delta says. The 192-passenger vessels are not only quieter and roomier, they are also 25 percent more fuel efficient.

For short to medium length routes, there's the new CS100, which holds 100-150 passengers and is 20 percent more fuel efficient than planes of similar size, Delta said.

They are also powered by engines that are 20 decibels quieter than today's Stage 4 noise standards (the quietest stage of aircraft noise).


Other features of the CS100 include "state-of-the-art" interior with bigger windows, ambient lighting, seatback in-flight entertainment, in-flight Wi-Fi, high-capacity overhead bins and some of the widest seats of any narrowbody aircraft.

The CS100s won't be delivered until 2018.

Delta plans to replace 20 percent of their fleet over the next five years

They say the changes will improve the customer experience, provide better fuel efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Since 2009, they have retired 280 regional jets and more than 130 older, narrowbody (single aisle planes) aircraft.

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