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What's with the huge sinkhole on I-694?

The giant hole will put the interstate out of action for days.

What happened?

A giant hole was created on Interstate 694 between Highway 36 and I-94 in Oakdale on Sunday.

Wait ... what?

Yes, you read that correctly. It's being referred to as a "sinkhole" but it's not one of those mystery "how did this happen?" sinkholes.

What actually happened was a burst water main in Oakdale sent water gushing underneath the interstate, washing away a large section of the median between the north and southbound lanes.

The interstate driving surface itself was not affected, MnDOT says.

What's the fallout?

Well, the interstate is closed on Monday between Hwy. 36 and I-94, with road crews working to fill the hole and make the roads safe again.

And it looks like it could be this way for a while yet, with MnDOT telling the Star Tribune drivers can expect to see a major detour "for days."

It's not just motorists affected though. The City of Oakdale is urging residents to conserve water because of the burst main.

How do I get to work?

It's not going to be a happy few days for east metro commuters on a road that carries tens of thousands of vehicles every day.

With a 5.5-mile stretch of the interstate closed, drivers are being sent via I-94 and Hwy. 36 to Interstate 35E.

MnDOT has opened a ramp from 10th Street to I-694 to allow access to I-94.

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