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Wheel falls off MN company's jet, crashes through roof of Montreal home


When we hear the wheels are falling off, it's usually just a figure of speech.

But in the case of a private jet flown by a Minnesota company, it was all too real.

Thankfully, no one was injured this week when a wheel fell off a plane belonging to Club Jet Charter and crashed through the roof of a Montreal home, CTV reports.

CTV was contacted by the owners of the home, which is in the borough of St. Laurent, not far from Pierre Trudeau Airport. They said they were awakened by a thud at 2 a.m. Wednesday but didn't know what had caused the noise. Then at 5 o'clock the tenant who rents an apartment on the home's top floor returned to find an airplane wheel in her kitchen and a hole in the roof, the landlord told CTV.

The National Post reports Canada's Transportation Safety Board confirmed that a Falcon 10, a plane that holds up to seven people, landed at Trudeau at 2 a.m. with a wheel missing. The Post says the wheel is 18 inches in diameter.

According to its website, Club Jet has four Falcon 10 models in its fleet.

The Minneapolis-based company had no comment for CTV on Wednesday but told the station Thursday it is cooperating with investigators.

There was no immediate word on where the Montreal-bound flight had originated.

Losing a wheel is rare, but not unheard of. In 2010 a Falcon 10 made an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after losing the front wheel and part of its landing gear upon takeoff from Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie.

A consultant and former pilot tells CTV such incidents can result from an aircraft's parts being incorrectly reassembled after a safety check, adding that a review of Club Jet's maintenance records was likely the first step for investigators.

The station says the National Transportation Safety Board in the U.S. is working with their Canadian counterparts on the investigation.

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