When it comes to classroom time, some schools suspect less is more

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Some Minnesota school districts are experimenting with reducing the time students are required to spend in class. The trend comes as educators have noticed that some state or countries that require less class time are showing better academic success.

The Pioneer Press visited two districts that have reduced mandated class time by several days per school year. Both the Farmington and the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan districts have lopped some days off the start of the school calendar.

Instead of holding classes, they use those days for teachers to schedule one-on-one meetings with students to learn more about their skills heading into the school year.

While some parents are enthusiastic about the additional teacher-students meetings, others are withholding judgment and hope accountability will not diminish along with classroom days.

Minnesota requires less classroom time than many other states do, but ranks among the leaders in test scores.

Any thoughts about quality vs. quantity when it comes to classroom time? Feel free to comment below.

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