When it's time to call the roll, what do Minnesotans extoll?

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On consecutive Tuesdays the national gatherings of Republicans and Democrats have gone through a time honored ritual known as the roll call of the states.

The interesting part of this ceremony – well, let's say the most interesting part – comes when whoever is speaking for each state has a minute or two to tout what makes that state so great.

At the Democratic convention, Sen. Amy Klobuchar startled us for a moment when we thought she might do Minnesota's whole routine as a poem. You can watch it here if you jump 42 minutes into the video.

Klobuchar called Minnesota: "The state of Prince's Purple Rain ... and the birthplace of Tim Kaine."

(The Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate was born in St. Paul, although he was a child when his family moved away.)


Klobuchar then lapsed into prose. She mentioned Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Al Franken before noting that Minnesota's Walter Mondale was the first major party presidential candidate to put a woman on the ticket when Geraldine Ferraro was his running mate in 1984.

Rep. Keith Ellison, who shared the microphone with Klobuchar, used his time to credit Minnesota's Hubert Humphrey and quote from HHH's landmark civil rights speech urging Democrats to embrace human rights over states rights.

What did the Republicans tout?

You can't say Minnesota's political parties have nothing in common, because the Republican roll call patter also included a reference to Prince.

It was delivered by U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer who also referred to Minnesota as the home of 10,000 lakes and the home of SPAM.

Emmer even referenced a source of embarrassment for Minnesota Republicans. He noted that no other state has gone as long (44 years) without casting their electoral college votes for a GOP presidential candidate. But Emmer also vowed that the drought will end this year.


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