When sheep bust loose at St. Paul festival, sheepdog does its thing


It was another case of animals breaking out of their holding area at a public event and running loose through a startled crowd.

But, thankfully, this time there were no injuries nor even any real threat to public safety.

MPR has photos of the sheep that broke loose at the Irish Fair of Minnesota. The animals were part of a herding demonstration, the station says. And their escape from the ring allowed a sheepdog to give a real life demonstration of how the breed herds sheep, even amid a crowd of fairgoers on St. Paul's Harriet Island.

The surprised amusement in St. Paul was nothing like the scene in Farmington last week, where a bull escaped from a rodeo event at the Dakota County fairgrounds. The bull stormed through the crowd and injured eight people, one of them seriously. The bull was unfazed by two shots from a sheriff's deputy's handgun and was eventually roped and later euthanized.

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