Where to score the best deals once Christmas is over

Prices in certain categories are slashed once the holiday is over.

If the stress and pressure of shopping for Christmas gifts hasn't driven all of the seasonal spirit out of you by now, it's a good time to prepare for bargain-hunting after Dec. 25.

While the big electronics sales seen during November have come and gone, there plenty of bargains to find the second Christmas is over – with some stores even slashing prices in the days beforehand.

The Tip Jar has picked out seven things that you can expect to find heavily discounted at the end of December and during January.

Christmas decorations

This is the obvious one. While buying Christmas decorations feels like the last thing you want to do during your festive come-down, it can save you money to plan ahead for next year. (Seriously, it was one of my six tips for saving money on decorations.)

Expect to see big discounts on Christmas lights (prioritize LED lights, as although they're pricier, they'll save you on your electric bill in the long run), as well as ornaments, cards and wrapping paper/ribbon/gift bags etc.

Fitness equipment

Taking advantage of the predictable, New Year's resolution-led interest in getting in shape, retailers tend to drop prices for fitness equipment to entice shoppers to work out at home rather than the gym.

Deals News reports that around double the number of deals are available on exercise equipment in January compared to December.

Winter clothing

Big discounts on cold-weather clothes can be found after Christmas, with deals in some cases rivaling or even surpassing what you'd find on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Investopedia notes retailers turn over their merchandise for the new season in January, so you can find a surplus of soon-to-be-out-of-season winter gear at bargain prices during that month.

Digital content on Amazon

I'm not saying Amazon is running sales constantly after Christmas, but it'll be worth checking out on Dec. 29, its annual "Digital Day."

The site will be offering around 5,000 deals on digital content, including movies, TV shows, mobile games, apps, ebooks, video games and comics.


Again, retailers should have plenty of unsold merchandise once Christmas is done, so expect discounts.

It's a good time to pre-buy gifts for birthdays or even next year. Or as Clark.com suggests, stock up on donations for future charity toy drives.

Wait a few weeks on televisions ...

We mentioned earlier this year that despite Black Friday and Cyber Monday grabbing the headlines, the cheapest time to buy a TV is actually mid- to late-January.

That's because stores will be pushing out their 2017 model TVs ahead of the influx of latest models. And prices tend to get slashed in the weeks before the Super Bowl, as it's a popular time to upgrade to a bigger screen.

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