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Which beer should you drink for the Super Bowl?

Here's a handy chart to help you decide.

There are two kinds of people who watch the Super Bowl: Football fans who actually want to watch the game, and people who are in it for the commercials and half-time performances.

But the one thing that unites all of us? A love of game day food and tasty beverages.

Especially beer.

Where there is football, there is beer. And yeah, maybe Budweiser is one of the Super Bowl's biggest sponsors, but these days, more and more Minnesotans are becoming craft beer lovers.

Back in 2011, there were only 20 breweries in Minnesota. By 2016, the number of licensed brewers grew to 107 – not including brewpubs, which run under a different liquor license.

That’s about 2.7 breweries for every 100,000 Minnesotans who are of drinking age, the Brewers Association notes. Not to mention, our breweries are getting really creative with the styles of beer they make.

So the big question is – which beer should you drink for the Super Bowl?

The lovely people at CraftBeer.com want to help answer that question. They've created a handy chart, in case you're having a hard time deciding.

Here you go:

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