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Whistleblower lawyers hunt for fraud in historic Medicare data


An army of lawyers is combing through the massive, first-ever recent release by the federal government of detailed Medicare billing data, looking for clues to possible fraud.

Reuters reports these lawyers specialize in bringing cases on behalf of whistleblowers – employees at drug companies and healthcare providers – who believe their bosses or colleagues may be cheating the federal Medicare system.

For patients, the data offers a rare window into how the system works.

Health care analysts in Minnesota say the new Medicare data has much to tell us about the wide range of reimbursements paid to doctors and clinics that provide Medicare services.

“You can bet we will be looking at it and drawing some conclusions and talking to our members about it,” Carolyn Pare, president and CEO of an advocacy group representing businesses and other organizations paying Minnesotans’ health care bills, told the Star Tribune. “There is a level of transparency here that we have never been able to achieve.”

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