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White House publishes responses to its request for voter details – and they're not nice

The Electoral Integrity Commission's request for detailed information about U.S. voters hasn't gone over well.

So on Friday, the White House released more than 100 pages of responses to President Trump's Election Integrity Commission request for states to hand over details of registered voters.

The commission's request has proven hugely controversial, given it was asking for details that reveal who individual Americans voted for, alongside the last four digits of their social security numbers – and as of last week 44 states have said they won't share this information. Minnesota is among those saying no.

Since it was set up the commission – headed up by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach – has received a lot of feedback from citizens. And 112 pages' worth of email responses were published on Friday.

The stated purpose of the commission is to investigate voter fraud, but many of the emails are from citizens concerned at what they believe to be government overreach, as well as an attempt to gain information they fear could be used to carry out voter suppression.

And for a commission hoping to be trusted with personal information about every registered voter, the published emails failed to redact the names, addresses and email addresses of those who wrote in.

Some of them made their point clearly and concisely. Others had a rather more abrupt, rude, and sometimes funny way of expressing their unhappiness with the commission.

Here are some of the best responses:

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