'White Pride' website publicizes rally in Duluth to protest 'Un-Fair' campaign

Members of Stormfront.org say there will be a rally in Duluth on the morning of March 3rd to protest a controversial advertising campaign meant to draw attention to racial inequalities.
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Members of "White Pride" website Stormfront.org say there will be a rally in Duluth on March 3rd to protest a controversial advertising campaign meant to draw attention to racial prejudice in the Twin Ports area. (Hat tip to Perfect Duluth Day.)

The "Un-Fair" campaign, with the slogan "It's hard to see racism when your white," created a widespread backlash, with some critics saying the initiative unfairly targets whites.

The city's mayor says a handful of people have mangled the campaign's message but acknowledged that "a fair number of people in the community dislike the campaign’s message. They feel threatened or as though we’re blaming them," according to a report in the Duluth News-Tribune. Supporters say those who criticize the campaign are simply missing the message.

Some local residents launched a Facebook group to protest the campaign.

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Duluth activists plan to actively ignore 'white pride' rally

A group called the Supreme White Alliance is planning a rally in Duluth to protest an ad campaign with the slogan "It’s hard to see racism when you’re white." Activists on the other side are encouraging people to stay away and not engage with a group that they say is seeking attention and trying to recruit new members.

Un-Fair Campaign's anti-racism billboard in Duluth defaced with racial slur

A racial slur has marred an anti-racism billboard by the controversial Un-Fair Campaign in Duluth. The billboard, which reads, "Racism: Ignore it and it won’t go away," was defaced with a painting of the Confederate flag -- along with what is considered a variation of the N-word, says Claudie Washington, president of the local chapter of the NAACP.

Supreme White Alliance rally leads to confrontation at Duluth Civic Center

The News Tribune reports several dozen counter-protesters yelled and threw snowballs at about ten members of the white supremacy group Saturday morning. Police say four people were arrested for disorderly conduct. Members of the SWA organized the rally in reaction to the city's anti-racism campaign that focuses on white privilege. About 300 people gathered at a separate rally in Canal Park.

UMD pulls out of Duluth's public service campaign on race

The Un-Fair Campaign aims to promote a dialogue on race in Duluth by focusing on privileges afforded to white residents. The University of Minnesota-Duluth is among 18 partners that put together the campaign. But the university is pulling out, saying the campaign is divisive and has alienated people.

UMD yanks support of Un-Fair anti-racism campaign

Claiming the cause is "divisive," the University of Minnesota Duluth said Saturday that it will no longer support the city's controversial Unfair Campaign because of a recent public service announcement's focus on white privilege. In the PSA, whites say society is set up for them and they don't have to endure things like being followed in stores or pulled over unjustly.